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S A Mitchell

S A Mitchell is a writer of fantasy with a focus on witchcraft & wizardry/sci-fi and all things magical and strange. His first book has just been released and he is currently hard at work on his second. He was born in Scotland - a world of Druids and ancient celtic magic - and now lives in a beautiful house by the sea where he writes most of the time. His favourite authors are James Joyce, Dean Koontz, Beatrix Potter & J K Rowling!

You can get a copy of his first book HERE

Writing 101

Verb:  A doing word. Noun: A naming word. Adjective: A describing word.

Make It Like A Movie

Imagine your story as a movie. Break it down in to individual scenes. Outline what the scenes are about. Just a sentence or two. Imagine how they cut from one to another.  How they interconnect. Do this for your whole book. You can do it chapter by chapter if you have a clear vision of it or beginning, middle and end if you don't. Picture the scenes in your mind like you're watching the movie of your story. See your characters, what they're wearing, how they're feeling, how they act, what they're doing, people they're with, the places they're in, hear them speaking. Now write what you see and hear. If you get stuck on one scene  - jump ahead and start another. The more scenes you build the clearer the movie becomes and the easier it is to fill in the gaps. If what you're writing doesn't seem to make sense, don't worry. Sometimes the subconscious has a weird way of joining the dots together for us. Don't worry about spelling or grammar or trying to make it all perfect - that comes later. Just concentrate on getting the scenes on the page. Read over what you've written. Are the scenes gripping enough? Are there parts you find boring? Scenes that don't drive the story forwards? If  so, then be a good director and cut them. Or rewrite them. Do this over and over until you're happy with what you've got. No compromises - or, I guess that'll dos! When you're finished ask yourself , "is your book  a movie you'd like to see?" If not, then why not? Change it until it's not only a movie you'd like to watch but one you'd pay to go and see.

Good luck!
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