Leperkin Press

A world of magic

It was almost a week since Bryony had found the book and she was learning more new spells and getting better at levitating things. She’d asked the book for help, and it had said she just needed to believe more in herself and in the magic and that would make it easier.  The book said eventually doing magic would be as easy as clicking her fingers. She couldn’t wait to get to that stage.

She was also learning about some of the rules of magic. Bryony had always imagined being a witch would mean having superpowers that allowed you to do whatever you wanted, but it didn’t work like that. Magic had its limitations - it could make you powerful, in time, but it couldn’t make you invincible. It couldn’t bring you fame or fortune or cure illness and death. And just like everything else in life some witches and wizards were better at magic than others and consequently some were also more powerful. But a lot of witches and wizards were really no more powerful than everyday people who couldn’t do magic at all. Bryony had also read that there was a death spell but the book didn’t say what it was and she really didn’t want to know as she could never imagine using it.  She’d tried quizzing the book on who the “he” was that it had mentioned, but it wouldn’t or couldn’t tell her. She was learning a lot about Portals though. And the idea of them fascinated her.