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Leperkins are actually slovenly beasts that are born from red, golf ball like eggs that are laid by the males and abandoned in the streets. Usually after all night drinking sessions! So I thought it would be the perfect title for this site!
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New Release

The book floated around the room, invisible to everyone who entered. Sometimes it would hide among all the other books piled along the walls. Especially when she came in to the room. For it mustn't be seen by her. Anyone else but her. It had been here for years waiting. Waiting for the right person to come along. The person it could reveal itself to. Maybe today that person would come. Yes, maybe today it would finally be found.
All her life, Bryony has dreamed of magic. She lives in a small town in America where everybody knows everybody and nothing much ever happens. At least that was until now.For Bryony's dreams are starting to come true and something horrible is coming her way.